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Photo credit: Rachel Lipsitz

audiobooks share new single ‘Burnt Pictures’ ft. OneDa

David Wrench and Evangeline Ling – aka audiobooks – announce a new EP, Gulliver, due for release April 12 via Heavenly Recordings. Lead single ‘Burnt Pictures’ featuring OneDa is out now.

Filmed on the slate grey Ogwen Beach on a cold Welsh winter weekend, the video for ‘Burnt Pictures’ explores trying to erase memories. Pictures etched into the mind that won’t easily burn away. The clip was directed by David’s eldest son Louis and features his youngest child Auberon.

“’Burnt Pictures’ is unlike anything we’ve written before,” audiobooks say. “When we toured for Astro Tough we took along the brilliant OneDa to open for some of the shows. We were playing Burnt Pictures as part of the set to try and explore different structures, and we invited up OneDa to freestyle with us, and it was exactly what the track was missing.”

David adds: “Inspiration for the track came from 60’s Czech New Wave Cinema classic ‘Daises’ which I put on silently on a screen in the studio while Evangeline improvised lyrics to it.”

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