You are currently viewing AZSH drops EDM infused banger ‘EW2GO’

AZSH drops EDM infused banger ‘EW2GO’

AZSH is refreshing the music scene with the release of their new single ‘Everybody Wants to Go Outside (EW2GO)’.

Featuring bouncy synths and empowering lyrics, ‘EW2GO’ continues AZSH’s trend of mixing the flavor and excitement of Pop and EDM. Structured with a thick bass and driving kick, ‘EW2GO’ is designed to get listeners moving.

Talking about the inspiration for the track, AZSH share: “The song is about freedom of expression, a challenge to be yourself and embrace your individuality even if the climate doesn’t support your decision, getting out of the box, getting out from under the expectations of others, and supporting each other.”


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