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Photo credit: Marcus Coblyn

BIG WETT shares new single ‘DONT U WANT IT ALL’

Australian artist and performer BIG WETT is back with yet another outrageously fun track ‘DONT U WANT IT ALL’. The single is taken from the debut 6-track EP PU$$Y set for release September 22 via Play It Again Sam.

The follow up track to the much-hyped singles ‘NUMBER 1 PU**Y’, ‘BAGS’ and ‘GSPOT’ the artist is creating huge buzz far and wide for her sex positive and wildly liberating music. Breathy and sexy, this song is unapologetically horny. The combination of cowbell and a thick, unrelenting bass line makes for a unique listening experience that’s energetic and inclusive, ready-made for the dancefloor.

Taken from her aptly-titled EP PU$$Y is exactly what it says on the tin: an unabashed exploration of the joys of sex through pounding electronic tunes that are made to start the party, whether on a sticky nightclub floor, a dark strip club or the wide open communal space of a music festival in the blazing sun. celebrates sex and life in all its messy glory, marrying thumping beats inspired by 90s rave, techno and contemporary sounds with filthy, cheeky lyrics designed to empower and arouse.

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