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Bleach Lab share new single ‘Smile For Me’

Bleach Lab share ‘Smile For Me’ today which is the latest single from their forthcoming debut album Lost In A Rush of Emptiness, out September 22 via Nettwerk.

A key thread through the upcoming record is Jenna Kyle’s grappling with the fall out from a toxic relationship, but there’s also more universal moments too – such as on new single ‘Smile For Me’, where she recounts her frustrations and experiences of sexual harassment, exploring the tension between both the simmering rage and feelings of powerlessness these encounters cause.

On the new single, Jenna shares; “Lyrically, This was one of the most empowering but challenging songs to write on the album. The theme for ‘Smile For Me’ is of my own experience of sexual harassment, as well as experiences I know far too many women suffer themselves. Something I hear so often as a woman in public is being told to ‘cheer up, love’, if I’m not immediately, positively responsive to an unknown person’s advances. It’s completely deflating, infuriating and humiliating. The lyrics are intentionally directed at the culprits and offenders, words I would be too afraid to say in the moment if not for fear of the reaction.”

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