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Photo credit: Nick Miller

Blondshell shares stunning new single ‘Salad’

Blondshell (aka Sabrina Teitelbaum) is very pleased to share a new single, and last prior to releasing her debut album this week. Listen to ‘Salad’, which is lifted from the debut, self-titled album Blondshell out Friday April 7 via Partisan Records.

“Look what you did, you’ll make a killer of a Jewish girl” sings Blondshell at the top of ‘Salad,’ a lyric so searing it almost burns through the speakers. Not only does ‘Salad’ nod to Blondshell’s Judaism in its first 20-seconds (on the first night of Passover, no less), but it proceeds to rip through four more minutes of storytelling both angry and empowered, a revenge fantasy of sorts narrating an imagined vigilante justice after a friend’s abuser gets absolved of his crime.

The song’s lyrics may be jet-black, but as is often the case with Blondshell’s music, they are juxtaposed against a technicolour of infectious, hard-hitting melodies.

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