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Photo credit: Jasper Soloff

BONZIE releases new single ‘Spiritual Violence’ feat. Teo The Artist

Independent pop innovator BONZIE has released her new single ‘Spiritual Violence’ featuring Teo The Artist along with its official music video directed by Jasper Soloff.

The R&B-infused track, written, produced and engineered by BONZIE, is a haunting tale of personal trauma and evolution, representing the shattering and dismantling of a certain intangible violence. Utilizing the unique voice of Chicago rapper Teo The Artist on his crushing verse, ‘Spiritual Violence’ is a balance of two perspectives that resonate with the song’s universal message.

“There is suffering that exists on a deep, fundamental ‘living thing’ level, where our spirits recognize that what’s happening isn’t right or just,” shares BONZIE aka Nina Ferraro. “I really wanted to pay attention to the energy in and of itself because everyone, even bigoted people, have experienced their own personal kind of spiritual violence. It’s sort of a spiral on itself – that trauma begets trauma – and the song is trying to squash that spiral; that’s how I wanted to feel when I wrote it. When I sing the lyrics ‘spiritual violence ends now,’ that’s the sensation that I want the song to elicit.”

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