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Brenda shares new single ‘Cease and Desist’

Emerging Glasgow trio Brenda release ‘Cease and Desist,’ the first single from their upcoming self-titled debut album with Last Night From Glasgow, out July 28. Brenda are Litty Hughes on guitar, Apsi Witana on drums and Florede Hooge on synths. They’ve created a buzz by gigging across Glasgow with their energetic sets.

They band describe the track as “a song about war, politics, social justice, angst, post-apocalyptic screwdrivers, sickle and hammer.” Although easily compared to the riot grrrls that came before them, it is clear that Brenda is content with being something totally unconventional. The combination of dreamy synths, witty lyrics and joint vocalsis infectious. DIY ethos and unapologetic energy, Brenda might be your new favourite band.

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