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Photo credit: Jacosta Clarke

Bridal Party share new single, ‘Baby Anymore’

“I broke our favorite dishes to pieces / tried to put them back together with glue.” The first lines from ‘Baby Anymore’ the latest single from art pop quintet Bridal Party, symbolize the rifts that arise in a romantic partnership when certain things are left unsaid. The track has a 90’s avant-pop vibe that precludes a modern indie pop sound.

The music for ‘Baby Anymore’ began while the band was listening to Stereolab’s Dots and Loops on repeat. “We wanted to create a similar vibe [to Stereolab], but in our own style,” says keyboardist Jordan Clairmont, who composed the original demos that became the backbone of the track.

Vocalist Suzannah Raudaschl took this sonic framework and composed the lyrics. She says: “I wrote this song about being very good at loving someone in a certain context and feeling restless in the comfort of our routine. It’s confusing when feelings of doubt creep into a very loving and supportive relationship, but to me it was a sign that I needed to let things breathe. We learned to create more space in our relationship so our love could expand into it.”

On ‘Baby Anymore’, Raudaschl’s vocals expand beyond the floating melodies of Stereolab’s biggest hits. She ranges from elegant melancholy, to a downy whisper, only later to jump towards anxious heights. After a just-whispered “not your baby”, a mood-altering heaviness comes next, the chords reharmonized by producer Connor Head, drawing the tension of the track to its surface. “I think that’s my favorite moment on the album” says Raudaschl.

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