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carina shares latest single ‘skew wiff’

London teenage sensation carina shares her latest single ‘skew wiff’, out now via the independent imprint Don’t Sleep. The follow-up track to ‘waste me away (demo)’, ‘skew wiff’ is another introspective track in carina’s unmistakably unique sound. Using music as a cathartic tool for her mental health battles, it has become an extension of her to essentially narrate her life.

On the track, she adds: “This song was birthed because my wonderful drummer, producer & friend Finn created a beat based on what style of music he thought I would like from what he had heard of me. Unfortunately this was at the worst and darkest period of my life so I ended up writing the majority of the lyrics in the psychiatric ward, which is funny because this song is probably the most sonically joyful one on the project. While this song may appear to be light-hearted, it’s a lot darker than you think. Ultimately it’s about delusion, ego and consciously making bad decisions for yourself because you don’t believe that you have the strength within you to do better.”

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