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CARLSBAD shares her debut single ‘Still Life’

Singer-songwriter Carlsbad is ready to debut the first single ‘Still Life’ from her debut EP Future Yeehaw which is out this October.

‘Still Life’ is a song that explores ambition, the excitement that surrounds starting a new venture, and pursuing a love interest. Questioning why we get caught up in whatever we’re caught up in… “Meanwhile, I’m just here floating, chasing the good feelings, Drinking warm water and spitting ice cubes.”

Carlsbad says: “The six string Fender bass features heavily on the EP and this is it’s debut. I played my Fender strat heavy handed on a tremolo pedal. Duncan Stewart layered loads of beautiful guitar riffs using electric, acoustic and Nash tuning. We got really experimental with the percussive elements, Dylan Lynch (Soda Blonde) lit a match into the microphone, hitting the Wurlitzer bench with drum brushes to mimic rattlesnakes. David and I were sampling gunshots and lightning. Gemma O’Doherty (Saint Sister) added diaphanous harp and backing vocals.”


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