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Photo credit: Cinsy Tam

Carpark release final EP cut ‘Happy On Mars’

Alt-pop band Carpark have released their ethereal new single, ‘Happy On Mars’. The slower-paced track is the final release before their EP Born To Be Average is out in the world, on February 16.

Simply put, the band have said of the single, “If you’re looking for a rock ballad and Elon Musk diss track all-in-one, look no further.”

As well as new single ‘Happy On Mars’, EP Born To Be Average also includes the fast-paced and energetic ‘MIA’ and ‘Suburbs Of Hell’. Speaking about the EP, the band add: “Born To Be Average introduces the new era of Carpark with heavy rock and even some dance elements, but we also have a ballad that pays homage to earlier Carpark, and a song that is so undeniably inspired by the pop/punk influences we grew up on. It’s been a really fun process and we can’t wait for everybody to hear all 5 songs in February.”

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