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Photo credit: Rachel Bennett

Cat Valley releases pro choice punk anthem ‘My Body’

Cat Valley is a garage punk band out of the Pacific Northwest, known for their rousing energy, intricate vocal harmonies, dueling reverb-drenched lead guitars, and scathing observations of a world gone mad.

Returning on the heels of their 2021 EP Feral, a 7-song record laced with elements of 90’s alt-rock and soaring, surf-pop vocal harmonies, Cat Valley hits a fresh sonic stride: Their new EP, Bingo Queen, out September 15, digs into hardcore punk’s distorted guitars, bellowing vocals, and driving tempos, as it rages in the face of political oppression and explores themes of trauma, aging, and self-love.

Out today, the penultimate track, ‘My Body’, with its emphatic pro-choice chorus, “My body, my choice,” was written by Flinn within weeks of the Supreme Court’s groundbreaking decision, and captures Flinn and Hegge’s searing vocal delivery, both vulnerable in grief and empowered in rage. Driving guitar and bass and tempo-pushing drums support Flinn’s gut-wrenching lyrics “You say I’m a murderer, a sinner, well then what the fuck are you? Your hands are red with all the blood of all the people who can’t choose” before the band pushes the frantic tempo past its limit into dystopian noise.

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