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Ceitidh Mac shares new single ‘Heliotrope’

Ceitidh Mac shares her first release of 2023, ‘Heliotrope’ – tackling big subjects with a gentle but bold approach. Signature cello basslines, warm analogue synth, affecting vocals plus stunning guest vocals from London based singer B-ahwe. This track sets a compelling tone for the year to come.

Ceitidh says about the track: “‘Heliotrope’ is a word used to describe a flower that turns to follow the sun.. like a Sunflower.. Helios being the name of the Sun god in Greek Mythology. We’re so connected to the sun. We need it.. it lifts us when we see it or feel it on our skin.. But there’s another side to the heat. It was the hottest June on record, and temperatures keep rising.. This track was written in a heatwave.. Thinking about the future and our part in it. A track about the intuition of nature, and how humans are stretching the limits..”

Recorded/produced by Sam Grant (Pigsx7, Richard Dawson), it uses natural reverbs and weaves together live elements with analogue synth/electronics. Contemporary Jazz inspired vocalist B-ahwe layers distinctive harmonies that bring a new energy to the music. Ceitidh Mac and B-ahwe both received the Drake YolanDa award 2022, which sparked the collaboration. The track also features Will Hammond on vibraphone and Fran Knowles on drums.

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