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charly haze shares new single ‘Busy Minds’

Today, London-based singer, songwriter and producer charly haze presents her new single ‘Busy Minds’, out via Kartel Music Group and published by Domino. It’s the second single taken from her second EP (released later this year) and follows her dreamy rendition of Gabrielle’s ‘90s hit ‘Out Of Reach’.

‘Busy Minds’ is a delicate duet exploring the complexities and challenges involved in a fading relationship with someone with ADHD, combining rich synth soundscapes, distorted chopped vocals, rippling arpeggios, dreamy vocal harmonies and shoegaze guitars. Having previously collaborated with other producers, this is charly’s first fully self-produced single. Here, charly attempts to sonically evoke the experiences of those affected by ADHD in her production. Whilst the beat and vocals provide a steady foundation, the building of tension and frustration can be heard as the song progresses. Where the two earnest voices take their own POV throughout the song, they find each other in a bridge that builds towards a bold and unexpected climax evoking comparison to Chromatics, M83 and Phoenix.

Going deeper into the story behind ‘Busy Minds’, charly explains: “The lyrics are based on past relationships with partners that have been diagnosed with ADHD, in which we were ‘fighting with, embracing, and struggling on the rollercoaster ride’ that’s the Busy Minds’. What was very important to me is to not point any fingers whatsoever, it’s about two caring people who try to make it work, but sadly have to conclude that their relationship can’t succeed. It’s compassionate and gentle, yet you can feel the tension and frustration building below the surface.”

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