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Photo credit: Jess Mogli

Chinwe releases heartfelt new single ‘Something Beautiful’

Chinwe shares her new single ‘Something Beautiful’, a soulful track glazed with jazz percussion and crisp production.

Citing Nina Simone and Portishead as her biggest influences, Chinwe’s Nigerian and Jamaican heritage exposed her to a vast and eclectic range of music from a young age. Drawing on those rich influences, Chinwe’s effortlessly smooth vocals flow atop a stripped back but lush backdrop. Finding solace in the harp during lockdown, Chinwe’s new music finds itself heavily featuring the dulcet tones of the stringed instrument – a welcome addition to her already hypnotic sound.

Speaking on the single, Chinwe says: “‘Something Beautiful’ is about falling in love with someone but knowing that the relationship probably won’t survive past the situation or the circumstances that brought you together. It’s bitter sweet because you know you’re ultimately not compatible, but at the same time, you’re going to just enjoy it for what it is and live in the moment.”

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