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Photo credit: Cherakee Andresen

Christina Martin shares new single & video ‘Little Princess’

Christina Martin, singer-songsmith of the East Coast of Canada, returns with latest single ‘Little Princess’ from her imminent new album. After the robust opening singles ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘In Control’, ‘Little Princess’ rushes onto the scene as a triumphant third offering. A rousing ode to Martin’s elder brother, it’s a soaring strings-led rocker that boasts a potent blend of headshaking swagger and orchestral class.

Christina explains of the track: “Growing up I admired my older brother, who was a gifted artist, but also a rebel. He died in 2013 of an opioid overdose at the age of 41.This song touches on our relationship, and a memory of writing my first prose and wanting to impress him with it. We were two embryonic artists, intrinsically bound by blood and similarities, and yet with mental illness in the mix, we kept each other at arm’s length.”

Martin has a raw troubadour’s talent for making the personal universal, and ‘Little Princess’ is no exception. A rockier, rowdier beast than the album’s previous singles, it gallops forward at a relentless pace, lending the piece a desperate and determined tone. Martin’s vocals sit elegantly, coolly, over those roaring guitars, dispensing gems such as “The shelter from Toronto’s winters had to come from a total stranger” with all the confidence of a Captain at the helm, pivoting from tense, bubbling verses to sky-high choruses with regal grace.

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