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Cindë tells the tale of her transformation in ‘Villain Origin Story’

From the fiery depths of personal evolution, the enigmatic and bold multi-instrumentalist, Cindë, emerges with her latest creation, ‘Villain Origin Story.’ This new single carves a narrative of metamorphosis from anguish to empowerment, chronicling the seismic shift from a betrayed lover to worst nightmare.

‘Villain Origin Story,’ which is a centerpiece of her forthcoming EP, More Awake Less Alive, heralds a turning point in Cindë’s musical odyssey. The track encapsulates the catastrophic level of rage born out of grief—painting a vivid picture of an angelic figure’s fall from grace and the resultant birth of a villain. It’s a song that’s as much a personal purging as it is a universal anthem for anyone who’s ever felt transformed by the trials of life. Cindë channels her tempestuous journey through the visceral lyrics and the thunderous chords, orchestrating a symphony of raw emotion that’s both haunting and invigorating.

On the track’s making, Cindë reflects, “There was a point where the series of events that transpired and the level of hurt I experienced changed me as a person. I wrote the lyrics using dramatic biblical references combined with a heavy drop C guitar riff to really drive home the depth and proportion of the rage I felt.”

With production helmed by the acclaimed Mike Tompa (Silverstein, The Devil Wears Prada), the song’s intricate layers are expertly mixed by GRAMMY-nominated Phil Hotz (Elton John, Alvvays, Dua Lipa) and brought to full dimension by the mastering of Kristian Montano (Ciara, Alice Glass). This song is poised to become a rallying cry for those who refuse to remain silent in the face of adversity and encourages the listener to rise, and be indomitable and defiant.

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