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Claire London releases sultry genre-bending track ‘Black Leather’

Singer-songwriter Claire London has unveiled her latest single, ‘Black Leather,’ a soulful concoction that melds soul, blues, rock, and pop. This marks a vibrant new phase in her musical journey.

Featuring Claire London’s rich, iconic voice, ‘Black Leather’ weaves through various musical styles, starting with a guitar-picked introduction that sets a compelling tone. The track layers dynamic melodies and a robust drumbeat, enhancing the sultry vocals and minimalist instrumentation. This combination evokes deep feelings of love and self-improvement, inspired by the first time London met her husband. “Black leather, love letter, you’re the only one that’s gonna make me better, baby. A lover like no other, everything about you wants to make me be better, baby,” she sings.

Produced by Grammy-winning Mitch Dane (Jars of Clay), this track is the third single from her forthcoming EP, Stardust, and her first release since 2020. London notes, “‘Black Leather’ is the sexiest one of the bunch, loosely based on meeting my husband, but is essentially about meeting someone who inspires you to be your best self.”

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