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Crybabyamy releases infectious new single ‘Mercy’

Crybabyamy is a 20 year old crybaby, as she describes herself, with the ambition to normalize every kind of emotion through her pop-based music. She has just released her new single ‘Mercy’.

She is writing, producing and singing her way to removing the shame that comes with being somebody who spontaneously bursts into tears at the worst of times— and we’ve all been there. From being vocally influenced by Adele, to being lyrically inspired by the likes of Julia Michaels, Crybabyamy is destined for success.

“I wrote ‘Mercy’ to define the concept of being too good for someone. Mercy was the word I chose to describe the way I love and care for people,” explains the artist. “At first ‘Mercy’ sounds like a sad song but it’s actually an empowering one. Loving people the way you do makes you wonderful!”

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