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Danish duo PRISMA release new single ‘Drive’

Danish duo PRISMA release new single ‘Drive’ via Luna Sky Recordings, as the follow-up to their well-received second EP Inside Out.

‘Drive’ adds an exciting and visceral electronic element to their established motorik, gothic take on scandi-pop. Aptly, it’s about the thrill of driving fast. Winding through the countryside, slipping and sliding through the snaking lanes, whilst always regaining control. Analogously it’s a full-throttle tribute to the inner drive all of us can call on, which accelerates us toward our different goals in life.

“We have tried to create a sound universe where you as a listener get the feeling of driving fast,”say sisters Frida and Sirid Møl Kristensen, “The song provides a very concrete description of an exciting car ride, but we also want to make room for the listener’s interpretation of the word ‘Drive’. It can be your personal drive, a work drive, etc. This song is a tribute to all the people who go out there in their everyday lives and chase their dreams; a tribute to the side roads; a tribute to the journey.”

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