You are currently viewing deegie releases new single ‘Go Be With Becca (Zach)’

deegie releases new single ‘Go Be With Becca (Zach)’

‘Go Be With Becca (Zach)’ is the new single from Los Angeles based pop-punk bombshell deegie. The fifth single from deegie’s upcoming EP about her ex-boyfriends entitled EXES, her new song is about a cheating ex who wants to have his cake and eat it too.

An infectious track that goes out to a former flame who got caught cheating only to come crawling back to deegie’s door, ‘Go Be With Becca (Zach)’ features venomous riffs, fiery percussion, and vocals that pound the pavement as deegie basks in the glow of revenge. Lyrics like “Get off your knees, it’s gross to beg / The pity party’s over, our relationship is dead” beg a cheater who keeps crawling back to give up and settle for the other woman.

“I had a weird feeling about Zach from the start, but I ignored the signs until a stranger on the Internet messaged me out of the blue to tell me he was cheating on me with his ex, Becca,” Anne says.

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