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Photo credit: Atiba Jefferson

Dehd share new single ‘Alien’

From their highly awaited fifth studio album, Poetry, Dehd unveils their third single, ‘Alien,’ which debuted on BBC 6Music yesterday. The single follows previously released tracks ‘Light On’ and ‘Mood Ring,’ which helped set the tone for Poetry’s diverse sonic landscape.

‘Alien’ delves into the concept of frontwoman Emily Kempf as an extraterrestrial being. She states: “This is about me being otherworldly, an artist of light, an angel, an alien or maybe some sort of faerie creature and wanting to find someone like me in this world, someone of my kind. Longing for this special person that’s as special as me to come around for me to love, but instead always coming to the same conclusion that I am fated to be a sort of loner hermit person with 1000 friends and that loving myself is the most important and rewarding thing I can consistently work on and do forever.”

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