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Photo credit: Iana Tokarchuk

Delilah Montagu’s timeless songwriting shines on new single ‘Coffee’

London-born, LA-based pop singer-songwriter Delilah Montagu is sharing new single ‘Coffee’ via MNRK.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve as a songwriter, Montagu’s new track swirls somewhere in between the sounds and styles of Joni Mitchell and Maggie Rogers. On ‘Coffee,’ Montagu takes us further into her world by way of her surreally honest storytelling (a la her inspirations in Carole King and Leonard Cohen), all adorned by the sweet melodies of a finger-picked guitar and the harp-like harmonies in her vocals.

Modern sounds pull you back to earth in the track’s chorus, where balanced bass meets production primed to perfection creating a tune that’s undeniably, and to its core, a piece of folk-pop art. “If you want me, I would be there in a heartbeat // Call me and I’d bring you coffee, and tell you there’s nothing to lose… Tell you there’s nothing to choose,” Montagu heart-wrenchingly repeats.

The singer-songwriter said of the single, “I wrote ‘Coffee’ about friendship — about loving someone and not needing anything from them, not asking them to change or be anything different.”

“Something I have been learning this year is how important friendship is and how simple it can be, just being there for the people you love is enough. This new body of work I have been making is the most authentic and real music I have ever made and being able to share it with the world is so exciting. Chapter one of many is starting now!”

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