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Dicte explores love dilemma on ‘Bring Back My Man’

‘Bring Back My Man’ is the second release from Dicte’s upcoming album, and while its bulldozer attitude oozes coolness, the lyrics manage to put words to an unhealthy yet indispensable romance.

“Some songs take 10 years to write, while others only take an afternoon”, Dicte says about the new single and continues: “The best songs are always the ones you can hear in your head before they’re even recorded, and that’s how I felt with ‘Bring Back My Man’. I knew exactly what di-rection I wanted it to go in, so a lot of the instruments are also one take. It’s kind of wavy, but in the right organic way.”

The song possesses a power and immediacy whose raw staccato expression is akin to Nick Cave’s. Add Dicte’s distinctive vocals and acoustic guitar, Mads Reinhold’s electric Bond guitar, Kasper Rasmussen’s raw drum and bass playing and Mads Hyhne’s and Kasper Tranberg’s potent horns, and you have a track that really moves – with the kind of bumps in the road that bring soul to life.

These bumps in the road are precisely what the lyrics encapsulate: “In the lyrics, I personify what I call ‘Mr. Tainted Love’ – the person you have a very special love for, but where the relationship is as unhealthy as it is alluring”, Dicte explains.

In other words, the lyrics play out a battle of reason versus irrationality – mind versus heart and desire versus restraint, which Dicte mediates between in her song. As the longing builds, the lovers are ready to compromise on all the things that drove them apart in the first place. “I just want my husband back”, the song’s protagonist practically “shouts” after weighing up whether the pain is greater by being together or being apart.

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