You are currently viewing ebonEmpress releases powerful debut single ‘Imperfect’

ebonEmpress releases powerful debut single ‘Imperfect’

ebonEmpress is a Vancouver-based musician, emcee, designer and curator. She began her career as a Community Advocate creating platforms for young creatives to freely express themselves. She is one of the founders of AfroVan Connect, a non-profit dedicated to empowerment through conversation, collaboration, creation and performance. These black spaces are established to create enriching creative and economic opportunities for people of African descent by giving them access to equipment, education, training, networks, and opportunities that build and encourage their unique gifts and perspectives.

As an artist under the stage name ebonEmpress, she merges Hip hop, Jazz, and R&B to create her own distinct musical style through which she shares her experiences as a woman of African descent. She is committed to spreading awareness about the systemic racial injustices African communities are subjected to and highlighting the many ways people of African descent have contributed to and powerfully impacted Canadian and global cultures. Her ultimate goal is to use music as a platform to promote unity and acceptance in the world.

“Imperfect is a cleansing, a healing. It symbolizes a release of the need to be and feel perfect all the time. It freed me from the inability to acknowledge my mistakes. It allowed me to understand that what we perceive as imperfections of the outer world are just a reflection of the imperfections within,” she says of her first offering.

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