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EEVAH share new single ‘Heartbeat is Missing’

Formidable duo EEVAH prepare to release their inner-angst with new single ‘Heartbeat Is Missing’. This is the third release to be taken from their upcoming EP, Simplify Life, coming soon.

Opening with electrifying guitars, distorted vocals and a driving rhythm throughout, EEVAH showcase a side to themselves that is rarely seen. As the tension builds to palpable levels of angst and frustration, the duo’s sense of ferocity is clear and packs a serious punch as a result. It’s no wonder the song was borne out of an argument over the best Nirvana album – Nevermind or In Utero.

Talking about the single, frontwoman Nicole Smith says “it’s about pleasing people, changing yourself to fit in and losing who you really are. Becoming desensitised to peoples apparent lack of boundaries or empathy, weaving together negative attention into a protective armour that keeps away the darkness but also blocks out the light, realising that then lashing out”.

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