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Photo credit: Jelani Pomell

Ego Ella May returns with an EP announcement & new single ‘Undone’

Award-winning British-Nigerian singer-songwriter and musician, Ego Ella May, returns with her exquisite new single ‘Undone.’ ‘Undone’ is a captivating preview of her upcoming EP, FIELDNOTES PT III, which serves as the final chapter in her critically acclaimed FIELDNOTES series.

A note from Ego: “The first single from this project is ‘Undone,’ produced by my lovely friend Lvther (you may remember him from Introvert Hotline), and I really love it. It’s inspired by a book I read last year called ‘I May Be Wrong’ by Bjørn Natthiko Lindeblad, a Swedish business executive who swapped his career to become a Buddhist monk in Thailand for 17 years! It’s such a beautifully written book, and it stuck with me for so long afterward that I decided to write a song about it! It’s about letting go of control, ditching the facade that so many of us find ourselves latching onto, the question of what would happen if we simply left it all behind and started again… it’s possible! When I read that book, it opened up so many possibilities and helped me remember that I can start again whenever I choose! This song marks a new beginning for me and simultaneously the closure of FIELDNOTES in a way as I wrap up this chapter, and I knew I wanted to lead with this one.”

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