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ELDR unveils her new single and video ‘Deer Skin’

Following her critically-praised sophomore EP HÖLY STRANGER in 2022, emerging artist ELDR delivers her highly-anticipated atmospheric new offering ‘Deer Skin’.

With its hypnotic rhythm dancing around plucked textures and her own otherworldly vocals throughout, she sets an incredibly vivid tone. Combining the lo-fi beats of Norwegian produ- cer and long term collaborator Knut Jonas Sellevold (known for his ‘King Knut’ hip hop tapes), guitar strands, and earthy harp performed by Berlin based artist Andy Aquarius, ‘Deer Skin’ sees ELDR channel the energy of acts such as Portishead, Bjork and Joanna Newsom.

Speaking about the new track, she said, “‘Deer Skin’ paints the tale of being in a coercive and psychologically abusive relationship- something I’ve experienced personally. What can be confusing are the parallel sensations of love and fear. The somewhat alluring power dynamic constantly at play makes you feel like a deer being hunted and teased.”

These ideas are extended in the accompanying music video, directed by Philip James Mcgoldrick and shot by DP Luciana Riso. The video presents a bold photographic movement piece exploring themes of abuse, coercion, subjugation and racism. Shot in grainy black and white in an abandoned church, the core themes are narrated through a dance re-enacting a hunt. With choreography by Alex Kamienski and a stunning central performance by Modest Mulenga, the video doesn’t shy away from an inditement of historic injustices and racial violence. The video was produced by Elderton’s production company EMC Productions, in association with Cooke Lenses.

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