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Ella Fence releases double single ‘I Don’t Mind’ / ‘Take My Time’

Australian singer-songwriter and virtuoso musician Ella Fence has released a unique concept in the release of twin singles ‘I Don’t Mind’ and ‘Take My Time’ available via Golden Robot Records.

The first track is the power rock/pop blast ‘I Don’t Mind.’ ‘I Don’t Mind’ takes its lead from 1980’s female new wavers The Go Go’s and The Bangles. The songs upbeat and hooky, accompanied by frantic garage guitar, Booker T keys and Ella’s signature, force to be reckoned with vocals. Ella says “‘I Don’t Mind’ has an attitude, a real swagger. It’s kind of, here hold this and I’ll sort it out.” She continues, “It’s taking charge and as usual I’m taking care of business. That’s what women do right? You know, stand back, I got this? As women we get things done and that’s the theme of ‘I Don’t Mind’ as the line in the song says ‘I can take it from here..'”

The second track is ‘Take My Time’. This song is dramatic and intense. ‘Take My Time’ just like the title implies is a tune that gradually builds. There’s a slow cooker simmer to this gem where Fence turns up the anticipation levels, the song taking hold as the listener primes themselves for the crescendo climax. ‘Take My Time’ is Ella Fence showcasing her acclaimed voice and delivering a masterclass in song-writing. There’s ‘unfenced’ vulnerability as well as a menacing hostility in this magnificent song, it’s a journey that will pull you along.

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