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Ella Tobin releases timeless new single ‘Older’

Today, newcomer Ella Tobin shares her searching new single ‘Older.’ Although the Londoner is new to releasing music, Tobin’s already accomplished sound is laced with honest songwriting, introspective lyricism and ethereal vocals, making it the perfect companion to warm your heart over the impending colder months ahead.

Speaking openly about the song, Anglo-Indonesian Tobin explains “As a kid I think we often see adulthood as this destination, by which point the answers to everything will be delivered in a nice little neat package. Then you arrive at your 20s with more questions than answers and realise you have no idea what you’re really doing – at least that has been my experience of things so far!

“Those moments of lostness can be really isolating and it’s easy to imagine that everyone around you has it all figured out. I wrote ‘Older’ to serve as a reminder to myself that actually, most people probably don’t have it all figured out and that the prospect of it all is a lot less daunting when you realise we’re all journeying through this messy existence alongside one and other. I hope that this song can bring a little comfort to anyone who resonates with these themes.”

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