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Ellis announces new LP no place that feels like; shares the single/video ‘obliterate me’

In late 2023 Ellis returned with the single ‘forever,’ her first new music since her 2021 EP, which began to stoke excitement that a new full length might be on the way. Today, Ellis is announcing that full length, a new LP entitled no place that feels like, that will be released on April 26. To mark the announcement Ellis is sharing a new single entitled ‘obliterate me’ with an accompanying video by long time collaborator Justin Singer.

no place that feels like is an album of firsts, playful experiments and pushing the boundaries of what Ellis thought was possible with her songwriting. The idea for ‘obliterate me’ started as an inside joke about her friend’s dream about death, but Ellis turns it into a cathartic meditation on mortality and depression. The track is yearning and deeply vulnerable, but there is a lightness there too, as Ellis explains:

“one of my best friends told me about this dream she had where she physically died and her consciousness just continued to exist in this completely silent, vast, empty space and we were talking about how that would be the absolute worst-case scenario for an after-life. at a party later that night we jokingly made a list of all of the things we would rather happen to us when we die – that’s what ‘obliterate me’ is about. i also did scream-cry to karma police whilst driving fast down the highway, so…”

no place that feels like:

  1. blizzard
  2. forever
  3. obliterate me
  4. taurine
  5. mouth full of goo
  6. it’ll be alright
  7. what i know now
  8. balcony hymn
  9. prelude
  10. home
  11. devil’s punchbowl

Photo credit: Stephanie Montani

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