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Photo credit: Luke David Kellett

Emily Barker releases new single ‘With Small We Start’

Australian singer-songwriter and composer Emily Barker releases her new single ‘With Small We Start’. The track is the latest to be taken from her upcoming album Fragile as Humans, due for release on May 3 through Everyone Sang/Kartel Music Group. The song is the album opener, and sees Barker contemplate connection, and the power and beauty in keeping life small. The thoughtful lyrics are supported by her gentle vocals.

Barker comments, “I’d been spending time with my dad in Australia, who loves to drink red wine in the evenings and sit in his leather armchair reading crime thrillers. I can’t remember if his bookmark had a photo of the northern lights on it or if there was one on the cover of the National Geographic magazine sitting on the coffee table, or if I made that up entirely but can picture either of those as truth. I remember thinking how I’d quite like to see the northern lights one day and then how Dad, by contrast, is so content with where he is, what he’s doing, with the bonsai plants he tends to daily, with the vegetables he’s growing, and with getting a decent crema on his coffee in the morning. I realised how much wisdom and beauty there is in that way of life, how contentment is about attitude. There’s so much power in keeping life small – connection on a local level, keeping plants watered, family and friendships loved.”

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