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Photo credit: Hannah Lisa

Emily Magpie shares new EP She, along with lead single ‘She Said’

Emily Magpie shares her EP She today. This highly anticipated EP is Emily’s first release with Def Pressé. With her unique ethereal and otherworldly style, artist and producer Emily delves deep into her experiences of being a woman and wider archetypes of the light and dark feminine.

She is an immersive journey of 3 tracks, with Emily’s dreamy vocals submerged in layers of swirling synth, guitar and piano. Emily says “I created this EP to explore my own experience of being a woman- which is beautiful and messy! I wanted to extend this out in a universal way to others, all with their own unique stories and voices. The feminine, which exists outside of gender. There’s beauty, celebration, darkness and the unknown. Feminine energy is badass and there’s a massive history of it being suppressed which it’s important to challenge by us being heard.”

The lead single ‘She Said’ is a hazy summer solstice celebration of female friendship and voices. On it the repeated hook of ‘She Said’ swells with voices and power as the energy of the song builds, embodying the power in collective support.

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