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Photo credit: Hanifah Mohammad

Emma Bradley releases new single ‘Square One’

London-based singer-songwriter Emma Bradley shares a new track ‘Square One’ via tmwrk. ‘Square One’ is embellished with soothing, breathy harmonies and shimmering strings, and is her second single of the year, following on from her soul-bearing and empowering LGBTQIA+ tune, ‘Renew Me’.

Emma details the story behind the single, saying, “’Square One’ is about struggling to let go of people that you have loved. We wrote the song about a memory box that I keep under my bed. It’s slightly mad but I keep little things that people have left behind to help me remember them. Sort of like a journal but in box form? It’s definitely slightly crazy haha.

“I’ve always found it so hard to let go of people, even if they have hurt me and I know I need to. The song is about remembering and ruminating over those feelings. It’s also just about feeling stuck and hung up on someone when you know you need to move on but you don’t know how to.”

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