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Photo credit: Sophie Fox

Esben & The Witch share new single/video for ‘A Kaleidoscope’

Today Esben & The Witch share the latest single ‘A Kaleidoscope’ from their stunning new album, Hold Sacred out tomorrow on Nostromo Records.

“Everything’s changed and nothing’s changed,” says vocalist Rachel Davies of their sixth album, Hold Sacred. “This kernel is the purest essence of Esben and the Witch since our inception.” It’s a product of the trio’s deeply important, 14-year-spanning friendship. Together, they shut themselves away to plunge into and search for solace in the depths of exhaustion, depression, anxiety, existential fear – and all beginning long before the world shut down and changed irrevocably.

“A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope. This song felt like something being born, a creature opening its eyes for the first time, innocently seeing the world and how beautiful it can be. A butterfly doesn’t live for long, a fleeting dream, soaking up the beautiful things,” the band explain. “We wanted the song and the video to capture this spirit. The hazy, psychedelic warmth of summer. The vivid colours of the meadows and the thrum of activity within.” The song describes a rebirth – finding peace in the beauty of change and growth.

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