You are currently viewing EVA releases ethereal new single ‘My One’

EVA releases ethereal new single ‘My One’

EVA is back, and is gracing our ears with an ethereal new single entitled ‘My One’. The track is a cosmopolitan and vibrant offering that pays homage to many different genres and musical inspirations. ‘My One’ is sure to immerse the listener with its diverse musical textures, neo soul sensibilities and warm instrumentals. EVA’s vocals are as emotive as ever, working hand in glove with her well-penned lyrics.

Speaking about the track, she says: “My One’ is a playful anthem that incorporates the Jersey Club sound. The track uses the 160 BPM tempo used in Liquid, and the prominent kick sequence that characterises the Jersey Club sound – yet ‘My One’ holds its own sonic idiosyncrasies. These include a funky bassline break alongside syncopated snares created from sampling ASMR golf swing sounds, feeding into the song’s visual theme of golf.”

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