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Photo credit: Joey Clough

Fazerdaze releases new single ‘Bigger’

New Zealand songwriter and producer Fazerdaze (aka Amelia Murray) has shared her new single ‘Bigger’; a high impact and gritty alternative rock offering, courageously exploring the inner world of the female psyche. With its expansive production and intimate lyricism, ‘Bigger’ vividly captures her journey into womanhood and how the pressures of being a touring musician and the pull of stardom have impacted her relationships back home.

Candidly addressing the song’s meaning, Amelia explains, “I have often felt that ambition and being in the public eye can be a point of tension in my romantic relationships. I think this song is me trying to explore and overcome that with someone I cared about. For the production , I was exploring writing an anti-chorus. The synths do all the work and the vocal melody drops into a talk. I wanted to experiment with strange bendy synths and lean into a cinematic night time world.”

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