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Photo credit: Niamh Barry

Fears shares new single and video ‘11249’

Today, Dublin-born and London-based interdisciplinary artist Fears (Constance Keane) is excited to share her new single titled ‘11249,’ and its accompanying video, from her highly anticipated album affinity out March 22 via TULLE.

Featuring Jemima Coulter and Ailbhe Reddy, ‘11249’ was written in February of last year when Constance was in New York, inspired by the city’s skyline. The intensely moving new offering is about the conflicting emotions one can feel when they reflect on the sadness of their past and the joy of their present, Constance explains, “Sometimes you encounter things that hit you so hard you think “wow so if I had actually died a few years ago when I tried to, I’d never have gotten to see and experience this.” She enlists the reassuring and calming energy of Jemima on brass and accompanying vocals from Ailbhe to deliver yet another poignant song that embodies the beauty and pain of life, further cementing herself as a formidable singer-songwriter paving her own lane with her tender and honest alternative folk.

The music video – directed by close friend and M(h)aol bassist Zoe Greenway – filmed at Fears’ birthday party, captures the narrative beautifully as a celebration of being alive to see another year.

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