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Photo credit: Adam McCormack

Fee Gray releases infectious guitar driven new single ‘Itch’

Fee Gray (they/them), the Irish singer-songwriter, can usually be found crying to their girlfriend about how much they love Taylor Swift and dying their hair blue in your bathroom

From their debut single ‘Parasocial’ in April 2023 to their first 2024 releases ‘Hoe Phase’ & ‘i might be drunk but at least i’m in love’ Fee Gray keeps the releases coming and listeners on their toes. Experimenting with their style as a young artist Fee Gray creates anything from “F**K YOU” pop punk to soul crushing soft ballads that will bring a tear to your eye.

Fee now continues her rise into 2024 with the infectious guitar driven queer indie pop of ‘Itch’ which drops today. They say, “I wrote ‘Itch’ about feeling like you’re rotting from the inside out. With an upbeat feel, in contrast to the lyrics, I wanted it to conjure the image of nails on a chalkboard to encapsulate the feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin.”

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