You are currently viewing Fightmilk return with new single ‘Summer Bodies’ critiquing patriarchal beauty standards

Fightmilk return with new single ‘Summer Bodies’ critiquing patriarchal beauty standards

London “strop-pop” quartet Fightmilk are returning to action with raging new single ‘Summer Bodies’, their first new material in three years. Angsty and uplifting in equal measure, it’s an instantly catchy singalong anthem, combining the band’s trademark tongue-in-cheek wit with a swirling energy and gritty raw emotion.

Commenting on the track, vocalist Lily says: “It’s about how women and femmes are constantly bombarded with media telling us how to be our best and most beautiful selves, or, bluntly, how to bully your mind and body into an image set by constantly moving goalposts—straight teeth, white skin, feminine but not girly, cool but not threatening, skinny waist, snatched jawline. Products that promise to shrink you in the guise of ‘wellness’. And if you don’t look like that, you’re supposed to hate yourself until you do. No thanks. Our favourite bit in this song is where we all take turns unleashing a big scream.”

The first taste of their much-anticipated third album, the band recently signed to Fika Recordings (Mammoth Penguins, Fortitude Valley) and INH Records, with further details and news to be revealed over the coming months. New single ‘Summer Bodies’ questions patriarchal society’s ridiculous and ever-changing expectations of women’s bodies and the futile quest to ‘be sexy’, with Lily’s dead-pan commentary weaving between buoyant harmonies and gloriously scuzzy hooks.

A fierce ode to self-love in the face of the onslaught of damaging beauty standards that we are constantly bombarded with, it also sees Fightmilk flirt with a heavier side to their sound than fans may be used to. So, as the warmer weather approaches, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, pay no mind to the incessant Instagram ads about fad diets or corrective procedures, and know that you look great – whatever size, age or gender you may be. As bassist Healey summarises: “life’s too short, do whatever the fck you want, do no harm and take no sht.”

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