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Flamango Bay share new single & video ‘Boyz’

LA band Flamango Bay recently announced details of Mascara, their new EP set to be released March 22 on Moshi Moshi. Today, they share brand new single ‘Boyz’ with an accompanying music video.

The song is about Ikaika Gunderson’s experiences when newly out as a non-binary person as the world opened back up, post-pandemic: “I found myself getting annoyed with men who spoke with such conviction when they were being unrealistic. Or overestimating themselves when they wrongly thought they could do everything themselves. The thing that got me the most is that not only were these attitudes socially acceptable, they were even seen as praise-worthy.

“I wrote this song making fun of them. Ironically, this expression finds me participating in this very “boy” performance: comparing myself to others and feeling a sense of competitiveness against them.”

The fast-paced ‘Boyz’ finds Gunderson and the rest of Flamango Bay expressing their “boy” selves, with fun riffs reminiscent of Surf Curse, The Strokes, and Sun Room, and a knowingly-ridiculous guitar break: “The guitar solo intentionally mocks the way I’ve seen boys handle guitar solos,” they add. “However, it’s also an expression of my own boyish nature.”

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