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ĠENN release new single ‘Calypso’

Anglo-Maltese quartet ĠENN reveal newsingle ‘Calypso’ for July 26th. Debut album unumis out October 6 through Liminal Collective.

‘Calypso’is the most understated cut from the record so far. Dreamy guitars underpin vocalist Leona Farugia -who barely raises her voice above a whisper. Resonating sax lines add to the oneiric atmosphere, before cymbals crash into life during the latter half -still only ever heard at a distance, so the effect is psychedelic and symphonic, rather than caustic.

The subtleties in ‘Calypso’are born of creative origins, and reverence to the band’s Mediterranean island roots, as guitarist Janelle Borg explains: “I personally love listening to folk music from around the world and really admire bands like Altin Gun, Crimi, and Etnika who are bringing Mediterranean sounds to the foreground. So this song started out when I was noodling around on the guitar after listening to Maltese folk music -particularly għana-and thinking about how I can give my own “contemporary take” on that before I brought it to the band.”

And speaking on the lyrical themes, vocalist Leona details the influence that counter-cultural Maltese figure Mario Azzopardihad on the song: “When I was in high school our Maltese literature teacher introduced us to the playwright and author Mario Azzopardi. I had the pleasure to interview him for a project that I was working on back home and he also gave me an unpublished poem to keep! Since then Azzopardi changed my world completely and Calypso is a homage to this sublime author whom I looked up to all my life. Although it is written in English, I feel like his spirit can still be felt throughout the narration.“

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