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Georgia Reed slams sceptics on new single ‘Honey’

Australian-born Georgia Reed is back with her second single of the new year in ‘Honey’. ‘Honey’ is the third of three singles from the upcoming debut EP, following ‘Haunted’ and ‘Back in Time’, set for release March 13.

Following in the same vein as hiatus-ending single ‘Haunted’, this electro-pop rebuttal sees Georgia Reed captivate with ear-worm hooks, gothic instrumentation, and the injection of her signature ethereal vocals. ‘Honey’ is a compelling response to the scepticism Georgia Reed faced during her relocation to London from Western Australia; this tongue-in-cheek retort is fuelled by a sense of irony, and dedicated to all those who doubted her. The heart of the song lies in its chorus, a bold declaration that echoes independence and resilience: “I had some friends who had been placing bets on how long I’d “last” in London. The chorus is basically saying “I don’t need your prayers,” says Georgia.

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