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Photo credit: Katie Foxley

Georgie Moon shares delicate new single ‘2017’

Emerging singer-songwriter Georgie Moon returns with her radiant second single ‘2017’. A harmonious blend of acoustic singer-songwriter tones and soulful jazz influences, the song captures Georgie’s unique musical essence continuing to deliver on the promise shown from her debut shows around Brighton.

‘2017’ is a poignant exploration of teenhood nostalgia and young love over a cosy soundscape of finger-picked guitar, grounding bass and gentle shuffling drums. Moon’s silky and effortlessly elegant lead vocal delivers a captivating, heartfelt love letter to her younger self and the town she grew up in before the track slides into its emotive, half-time closing sections, introducing layers of strings and harp.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the track, Georgie shared: “‘2017’ is a song about teen hood nostalgia and young love, it’s all those feelings of love and loss wrapped up in a cosy blanket. The song is a love letter to my younger self and the town I grew up in – I have very fond memories and ‘2017’ really encapsulated those. I wrote this track in 2020 looking back on one of my first ever relationships. It feels really special that I’ve got to make this track and video with all the close friends I’ve made in my early 20s.”

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