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Ghostly Kisses share brand new single ‘On & Off’

Ghostly Kisses have announced their highly anticipated second studio album, Darkroom, scheduled for release on May 17. This upcoming record signifies a profound rebirth for the acclaimed duo, delving deeper into their sonic explorations, wielding complete creative control and solidifying their status as cult figures within the dynamic landscape of the pop scene.

Ghostly Kisses sets the tone for anticipation with the debut of their latest single, ‘On & Off’ – a luminous pop masterpiece woven from the tumultuous fabric of inconsistent and complex love. Through evocative lyrics, Margaux delicately croons, “You’re so close but yet far / I always wonder how you are / From the morning’s light to the night’s embrace,” encapsulating the passion and intricacies of love and desire in her unparalleled style. Co-produced in collaboration with Oli Bayston (known for his work with Rachel Chinouriri and Olivia Dean), ‘On & Off’ showcases Margaux’s distinctive, enchanting vocals gliding over their most commercially appealing track to date.

Of the track, Margaux Sauvé said; “’On & Off’ depicts a complex and tumultuous cyclical relationship where two people constantly break off and get back together. The lyrics draw inspiration from a revelation in the ‘Box Of Secrets’ – which was the conceptual inspiration behind our new album Darkroom. These narratives have been gleaned from various stories within the Ghostly Kisses community. We looked to instil a sense of nostalgia into the rhythm, to pair ethereal vocals with a sense of yearning.”

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