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Photo credit: Paul Phung

GHUM releases new single ‘Deceiver’

London based quartet GHUM are excited to release their new single ‘Deceiver’, taken from their upcoming debut album Bitter. ‘Deceiver’ spits with glistening vitriol, the vocals of Laura Guerrero Lora spiralling wildly above pounding percussion and screaming guitar. Bitter will be released on June 17 via Everything Sucks Music.

Laura had to say on the single: “It’s a story about a relationship where one of the parties is starting to discover a selfish side to their lover, disappointment after disappointment the trust starts running low and the love starts to fade away. The resentment and the anger is growing and the person observing all this deceiving and selfish behaviour is gathering their strength together to leave this person behind.

“When recording ‘Deceiver’ we, and our producer Adam, wanted to capture a claustrophobic and agitated atmosphere, like being trapped in a small room. We added to this by using industrial style percussion, like hitting and dropping chains, padlocks and other metal objects. We were really inspired by bands like Joy Division, Neu and Can when creating the feel of this track”


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