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Photo credit: Rachael Halaburda

GIRLBAND! share new single ’21st Century Suffragette’

Girlband! have released their brand new single ‘21st Century Suffragette’. The track follows the group’s brilliant ‘Not Like The Rest’.

‘21st Century Suffragette’ is the sound of Girlband! hitting the accelerator. The track is a blaze of searing guitars from Georgie and Kay, with propulsive rhythms from Jada. The Nottingham-based three-piece make a blistering, high octane sound simultaneously channelling truth and rebellion, crystallising the two and framing them in a perfect two-and-a-half-minute single. ‘21st Century Suffragette’ is a firm live favourite already that is set to build on the success of ‘Not Like The Rest’.

The band talk about the track – “’21st Century Suffragette’ is about being told who to be by society or maybe even someone closer and finding the empowerment in rebelling against that. Especially as women! People see the word ‘suffragette’ and think of the early 20th century which is of course true and they set the way but this song is about the importance of still fighting for rights that go against the system and in our opinion socially just. We just needed to get some angst out of our system after getting to a point where we were like ‘f you enough is enough.’”

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