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Photo credit: Xiomara Espana

Goblynne shares new single ‘Where This Goes’

LA indie musician and touring bassist for Claud, Goblynne (they/them) has just dropped new single ‘Where This Goes’.

Inspired by their relationship with their partner, Goblynne (neé Molly Kirschenbaum) says “I think every time anyone falls in love, we still think we’ve just discovered it for the first time. That’s what this song is supposed to feel like. Making that discovery.”

In 2021, Kirschenbaum won the Hollywood Encore Producers’ Award for their one-person show Hot! : (. But things were just heating up for Goblynne, who is set to release their first solo album, also titled Hot! : ( on June 23. Using songs from their performance, this record explores the tenacity of performative femininity, even for those who reject it. “As a nonbinary person, I have often felt like femininity was something I either chose to engage with or was forced to engage with,” Kirschenbaum says. “I ended up creating this character in my head that this project was about, this person who embodies all the aspects of Western American beauty, blonde, blue-eyed, but a little tortured, a little haunted, and decided to try to free them from their body with this album.”

For Kirschenbaum, that meant turning their multi-instrumental, vocal, and sound mixing skills into art pop so shiny it doubles as a mirror. Kirschenbaum, alongside co-producer Adam Rochelle, crafted a smart pop landscape a la Caroline Polachek.

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