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Photo credit: Ali Beaudette

Gouge Away uncovers reflective new single, ‘Dallas’

More than three years since their recorded output, Gouge Away hinted at what’s to come on their third full-length Deep Sage with the surprise single drop of ‘Idealized’ last year, and most recently with ‘Stuck in a Dream.’ Gouge Away move forward toward the release of Deep Sage (out March 15) with the powerful, introspective new single ‘Dallas.’

Gouge Away vocalist Christina Michelle comments on the track: “I wrote the lyrics to this song at a time when I was at absolute rock bottom and felt like there were no options left. I realized that I had subconsciously been seeking help by acting recklessly. When I realized behaving this way was hurting people who loved me, it made me recognize that I had to change, if not for myself, then for them.”

She continues, “The music for this song came to life while the guys were waiting for soundcheck to start in Dallas, TX. Years later, this song has gone through the most changes out of any of them but the phone recordings and demos were always referred to as ‘Dallas.’ So being nostalgic like we are, we kept the song title the same.”

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