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GRLwood return with new single ‘Love Is Fire’

GRLwood is Rej Foerster (guitar, vox) and Mia Morris (drums, vox). Rej created GRLwood in November 2016 originally as a solo project. GRLwood has performed nonstop and has formed a strong following in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. They have been praised for the community they’ve cultivated, their explosive live performances, and most of all for their fearless and tireless gusto when it comes to dismantling the patriarchy, tackling misogyny and toxic heteronormative ideologies through their music.

Their new single ‘Love Is Fire’ is an ode to the women of the 80s new wave era. A shift from her usual darker, grunge-inflicted tones and themes, Rej wanted to create a track that felt like it was okay to let go and sing about love. With its bright beat, punching riffs and playful lyrics, ‘Love Is Fire’ is an electrifying debut from GRLwood this year – certainly for fans of artists like Joan Jett and Blondie.

Rej elabortes: “Some of my songs are so dark and heavy lyrically, it feels nice to decompress with a really poppy song about love. I wrote this song to sound like an 80’s ballad with girls singing and a lead shirtless dude type vibe with long curly hair, and theres girls screaming in the crowd cus AAHHHH YOUR LOVE IS FIRE. Just picture that, okay, thanks.”

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